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Meet the Pastors

, stor Errol Beckford was born in Jamaica where he was raised with his three brothers and eight sisters.  At age 19 he began a life of ministry as a student at Jamaica Bible College in Westmoreland, Jamaica, followed by his first ministry assignment at Grace Baptist Church in Spanish Town, Jamaica.  In his 20s, Pastor Beckford relocated to the United States to pursue higher education in the State of New York.  While there he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in business administration.  Thereafter he spent 13 years pursuing business endeavors before hearing the call of God on his life to plant a church.  In 1997, Pastor Beckford followed this calling to Cocoa, Florida where he planted Celebration Tabernacle Church.  Pastor Errol Beckford was first called to this assignment while on a business trip in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there he heard a calling from God to build a church for His honor and glory in the center of Cocoa, Florida where people of every color, culture, and walk of life could worship together.  Pastor Beckford was called to raise up a people through the Word of God using three guiding principles in all things: faith, excellence, and understanding. Pastor Beckford’s calling was to minister to a specific set of people; those who were distressed, indebted and discontented.  This vision came to him from,


I Samuel 22:1-2 “David departed and escaped to the cave of Adullam, and when his brethren and all his father's house heard it, they went down to him.   And everyone that was in distress, in debt, and discontented, gathered themselves to him.  And he became captain over them.”


Under Pastor Beckford’s leadership, Celebration Tabernacle has grown from a handful of hopeful Christians into a sprawling ministry whose presence can be seen up and down the Dixon Boulevard corridor of  the City of Cocoa. One key to the ministry’s success is owed to Pastor Beckford’s vision for a “Marketplace Ministry”.  Pastor Beckford believed that the church should not only be IN the community, it should be PART OF the community.  The Marketplace Ministry was created to allow Celebration Tabernacle Church to make an impact that reached far beyond its church walls.  It has allowed the ministry to provide outreach in non-traditional ways by using the world’s economic structure to build the Kingdom of God.  The Marketplace Ministry oversees the operation of church-owned businesses and properties that serve the local community. It is designed to expand ministry efforts while simultaneously improving the community environment and its people.


Pastor Kim Beckford, co-founded Celebration Tabernacle Church along with her husband Errol Beckford.  Until her passing in 2019, she dedicated her life to seeing the people of Cocoa and Brevard County transformed by the power of the Word of God.  Before being called to lead the church, Pastor Kim spent a lifetime raising her children and working as a professional businesswoman, owning and operating several businesses.  This changed during the 1990s when she too heard the call of God on her life and united with Pastor Beckford to complete the assignment given to them by God in Cocoa, Florida. 

Pastors Errol and Kim Beckford share a commitment to the vision that God placed in their hands and declare these statements as the guiding principles of this ministry:


It is our vision to raise up people who love the Lord, are full of life, passionate about God and a joy to be around.


It is our vision to create a people of power who are anointed to lead their families and their communities to greater heights. 


It is our vision to remain a place where social status, the level of education, race, background, and color are irrelevant to the greater covenant in Christ under which we are all united and have become one. A place where everyone is free to be themselves in worship.


It is our vision to propel people into Kingdom living here on earth. To inspire them to speak well of each other and hold their covenant of love and peace in great esteem. 


It is our vision to raise people who are passionate about reaching the lost for Christ, discipline them into maturity, and then releasing them into their fullness of potential and calling.  People who are part of the answer to society’s problems because they are willing to give their time, love, friendship and assistance to others.


It is our vision to establish an oasis of love where the distressed, discontented, misunderstood, frustrated and confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness and fresh purpose for living. A place designed to minister to the whole person spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially.


It is our vision to train leaders and multiply God’s gifts by planting other churches that can reproduce the vision established by God for us; churches that embrace these principles, increase God’s powerful influence on earth and always attribute their success to the glory of God.


It is our vision to build a five thousand seat faith dome in the city of Cocoa.  To be a beacon of light and salvation to Brevard County. And to serve the Lord in the greatest capacity possible.

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