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Marketplace Ministry 

Revive Cocoa

Do you want to be part of a group of business and professional leaders who are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the community?

One of the secrets to our church's success is our Marketplace Ministry.  The Marketplace Ministry is a unique arm of the church that impacts people through business, job creation and community revitalization.


We endeavor to be a network of believers committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ who are making a lasting impact in the community. 

Marketplace Ministry Mission



Providing jobs for people that would otherwise have difficulty obtaining work. ​

Community Improvement 

Acquiring and improving real estate to increase the overall value of the community.​

Expansion of the Ministry 

Creating additional income streams to expand ministry efforts.

Commercial Property

1046 Dixon Boulevard Cocoa, FL

1222 Dixon Boulevard Cocoa, FL

The Celebration Tabernacle Marketplace Ministry is the economic community-restoration arm of Celebration Tabernacle Church.  It was created to oversee the operation of church-owned businesses and properties that serve the local community. We believe that the church should not only be IN the community, but it should also be PART OF the community.  The Marketplace Ministry was designed to expand ministry efforts while simultaneously improving the community and its people.  It is empowering people and revitalizing our community by using the world’s economic structure to build the Kingdom of God.


Through our Marketplace Ministry businesses, we transform lives one person at a time by offering jobs to individuals within the local community that are difficult to employ due to significant negative issues in their employment, educational, or social histories. These factors often include criminal records, lack of formal education and work experience, and lack of critical job skills.  The jobs provided in the marketplace ministry allow these individuals to earn an honest, productive living while receiving the training necessary to prepare them for future employment.  The Marketplace Ministry also transforms the community by acquiring and renovating the real estate to improve its value, use, and appearance in the community. These efforts benefit our community by restoring the appearance of buildings and properties and ensuring they are used for positive purposes.  


The Marketplace Ministry is continuing the mission of Celebration Tabernacle Church by reaching beyond the church walls to share the love of Jesus and give people help, hope, and a reason for living.





















Help With the Continuing Transformation of  the City of Cocoa, Florida!

Revive Cocoa! is a revitalization project designed to restore and beautify community property located along the Dixon-Fiske corridor of the City of Cocoa. It is our vision to see this area transformed into a thriving community full of activity, commerce, and growth.


Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World will help you to plan ahead so you don't become a victim of emergencies. Pastor Beckford has poured out his soul and life into these pages, sharing what took him years to learn. It is my heartfelt prayer that God will use this book to inspire and challenge you to find the successes He has planned for your life.

Make Life Work
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